Termination Criteria

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Termination criteria are used to define how the algorithm stops.


A number of alternatives are available in JECoLi:

  • Maximum number of iterations (class IterationTerminationCriteria)
  • Maximum number of function evaluations (class NumberOfFunctionEvaluationsTerminationCriteria);
  • Maximum computation time (class RunTimeTerminationCriteria);
  • Reaching a given fitness target (class FitnessTargetTerminationCriteria).


ITerminationCriteria terminationCriteria = new IterationTerminationCriteria(numberGenerations);

Defining new ones

Define a class that implements interface ITerminationCriteria.

The criteria can be defined over the statistics calculated: time, number of iterations, number of function evaluations, maximum/minimum/mean fitness, standard deviation, etc.

Examples are available in the package core.terminationcriteria.

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